The Pulenta family has been making its mark on the Argentine wine scene for decades.

The current generation has created their own name for themselves by producing great wines based on their family’s traditions. Finca y Bodega Vistalba has differentiated themselves from their sibling’s offering, far beyond the official use of the Pulenta name - although to locals, the winery will always be Pulenta Vistalba.

Here, the two often conflicting approaches to wine have found equal but separate champions. For those who believe that a grape variety should be able to stand on its own, there is the Tomero line. With grapes sourced from their own vineyards around Mendoza these 100% varietal wines gain complexity from being a blend of different vineyards from different regions.

For those that speak poetically about the complexity and range of flavors that blending can achieve, there is the Vistalba line of wines. These are wines that use grapes grown on the estate to produce blends that best exemplify the winemaker’s art. Malbec based they carry the names Corte A, B and C.


Two approaches, two labels, one winery.

Sparkling wine does surprisingly well in Mendoza, and when Vistalba decided it was time to offer some bubbles they went for it in a big way.

There are two ways to make quality sparkling wine. The first is the traditional or champenoise style. This makes the best wines and it is this method that Vistalba uses to make their Progenie.

Originally created just for the family, the wine was too good not to share. Available to the public, this is their hallmark espumante.

Charmat is the less expensive way to make wine bubble, and at first Vistalba was content to use it for their two lower end offerings. Recognizing the difference in the end products, Vistalba has rededicated themselves to only creating the highest quality, and so will only be making wines in the traditional method from this vintage onward.

Dedication to quality is what Vistalba is all about and it shows in everything they do and offer.



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Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 9 - 18. Visits start at 9:30, 11, 12:30, 15, 16:30, 17.

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Saenz Pena 3531
Vistalba 5509 - (Lujan)
54 261 498 9400
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Distance from Mendoza:
22.8k / 14.25m

GPS Decimal Coordinates:
-33.03542, -68.916067

Tourism Contact Info (from website): info@cpwines.com. Reservations: www.carlospulentawines.com

Details from Website: Visits start at 9:30, 11, 12:30, 15, 16:30, 17. Duration of the wine tasting 1 hour. There are four wine tasting options which last about 30 minutes and every option includes the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Corte V. Group Visits are available. The Complete plan is available with Accommodation and Winery Visit.








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