Trivento is one of the big boys in Argentina. One of the biggest in fact, producing roughly 40 million bottles of wine a year. This only stands to reason, what with their parent company being one of the largest wineries in the world. Concha y Toro of Chile is their parent company, and Concha y Toro brings a whole new definition to big.

Big wineries are all about making wine on a scale that can only be considered “industrial” and yet Trivento bucks this trend by making some very highly regarded wines that are anything but more of the same.

The balance in making wine is often between quantity and quality. Most of the highest quality wines around the world come from relatively small wineries. Quality is the product of a hands on approach that requires the winemaker to carefully monitor the taste of each vat, every barrel. This is all but impossible to do when you number your barrels in the thousands.

So what is Trivento’s secret? How does a winery that produces tens of millions of bottles, most in the “good value” side of quality, also produce wines that are regularly award the highest scores?

The only way possible. Within the huge computer controlled winery that accepts grapes by the dump truck load is another winery. A hands on winery that is dedicated to quality over quantity.

This allows Trivento to compartmentalize their business into quantity on one end, and quality on the other. This doesn’t mean that the wines from the quantity side of the equation are lacking in quality.

Large also means economy of scale, the ability to keep prices down because of the sheer amount of product produced. It means being able to grow quality grapes for every level of wine, and it means being able to use the most modern computerized technology to ensure that the best wine possible is being made.

In the main winery, with its forest of tanks there is an almost eery silence, reminiscent of a natural woodland. Few people tread here. This is the realm of automation and efficiency. Trivento is able to make more wine with less people than almost any other winery.

That is until you cross over into the premium winery within a winery. Here you will see the familiar sight of people doing the work that machines could never replicate. The care and precision that comes from attention to detail. This is the secret of how the biggest of the big can taste so small.

For the visitor it is a fascinating contrast, not only between the different parts of the winery, but between this behemoth and the other wineries they may visit.

Of course chances are that any visitors to Trivento are in the wine trade, as this is not a winery that welcomes busloads of tourists to traipse around.

As with any factory, winery within a winery not withstanding, this is a bustling concern working hard at their task of supplying wines to the world.

Trivento may be best visited by enjoying their wines wherever you call home. Chances are you will be able to find their name on a label or two at your favorite wine store.

To best understand the commitment of Trivento you would do well to taste a bottle of their Reserve line, and then splurge for a bottle of their award winning Eolo. This Malbec with a touch of Syrah was released to a flurry of press and scores in the 90s.

Trivento, proving quantity and quality can coexist.



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Hours: Tuesday - Friday: Tours begin 10, 12 and 15.30. Saturday, Sunday and Holidays with reservations. Closed for Siesta May be closed on Weekends and or Holidays

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Russell 5517 - (Maipu)
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Distance from Mendoza:
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Tourism Contact Info (from website): 54 261 4137156 turismo@trivento.com

Details from Website: Tuesday to Friday 10, 12 and 15.30. Saturday, Sunday and Holidays with reservations. The tour includes a complete walk through our facilities with professional wine tourism guides. The tour finishes in the entrance hall of our high-end winery, which doubles as an art gallery and tasting room.








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