Tempus Alba


Tempus Alba embodies the best of the winemaker’s spirit. A willingness to experiment, an unwavering dedication to excellence and a commitment that spans ages.

Just one example is the clonal selection program they have instituted. Few wineries, especially in Argentina, are willing, or even able to undertake such a long term project. It can take decades to determine the suitability of a clone and acres are need to be dedicated despite an uncertain outcome.

Generations of foresight has paid off in the best way it could, with the creation of some of the finest wines in the region.

The grapes from the Maipú region tend to be well structured, while those from the Tupungato region in the Uco Valley tend to exhibit more fruit. Luján de Cuyo tends to be somewhere in the middle.

By utilizing each of these unique growing areas and carefully blending, they are able to create wines that are much more complex and full flavored than most of their neighbors.

Located east of the city of Maipú, in the sprawling Coquimbito District, Tempus Alba is only 30 minutes from the city of Mendoza.

The area is popular with those on bike tours, and there are few better places to stop for a nibble and a tasting. The cooling breezes on the patio offer relief from the noonday sun as you sample local cheeses and work your way through the wines of Tempus Alba.

Guided tours are available with reservations, and the wine bar beckons to all. Larger group can organize events at the bodega and even smaller groups can arrange the possibility of something special; they are flexible and accommodating.

A family winery founded by the grandparents over one hundred years ago, with the traditions carried on by the latest generation, Tempus Alba has never forgotten its roots, or stopped looking towards the future.



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Tempus Alba
www.tempusalba.com Might Use Flash
Hours: Monday to Friday  from 10 am to 5 pm May be closed on Weekends and or Holidays

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Perito Moreno 572
Coquimbito 5513 - (Maipu)
54 261 481 3501
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Distance from Mendoza:
20.2k / 12.625m

GPS Decimal Coordinates:
-33.001937, -68.751399

Tourism Contact Info (from website): http://www.tempusalba.com bodega@tempusalba.com

Details from Website: Free guided tours from Monday to Friday  from 10 am to 5 pm. For other options, reservation is required. Wine bar, Guided Tastings ( reservation required.) “Tablas” and Wines (reservation required).








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