Visitors are welcomed to Tapiz by the sight of llamas milling about the grounds. A wonderful counterpoint to the rather utilitarian building that houses the winery.

A remnant of Jess Jackson’s (of Kendal-Jackson fame) short lived foray into the Argentine wine scene, the winery was taken over by a local family who brought the missing passion to the technological marvel.

The result is a winery that never forgets that wine is for sharing, and for the visitor this manifests itself in one of the best tours in the Mendoza area.

Here you get an education that too many wineries gloss over. You have the opportunity to taste wine first from the tank, and then from the barrel, and finally the finished product from a bottle. Most wineries avoid giving amateurs a taste of unfinished wine for fear that they will be judged on a work in progress.

Tapiz knows that the best way to learn is to experience the various phases that wine goes through before it ends up on your dinner table.

Speaking of dinner, closer to Mendoza, Club Tapiz has rooms and a wonderful restaurant with farm fresh ingredients to entice you.

The llamas? They are hand sheared on the premises and the wool is given to local women who spin the wool into yarn, and then weave traditional sarapes and other items, for sale in the winery. The proceeds go to the community, just one of the many ways Tapiz ensures they are giving back to those that make it all possible.



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