Salentein may be the best known winery in the Uco Valley. Almost every tour company and guide brings their charges to this striking property to explore the wines.

There is a good reason for this. Salentein has become as much about art as it has about wine.

The architecture alone evokes artistic emotion, but the changing array of sculptures that greet the visitors help to cement the relationship of the gustatory to the visual. Even the aural comes into play when pianists take advantage of the incredible acoustics of the stunning cellar.

With perhaps Mendoza’s most important gallery, Salentein has both a permanent display and temporary exhibits where they play host to some of the regions most talented artists.

The long drive from Mendoza can be mitigated by staying at the upscale lodging on the property. The Posada offers 16 rooms for the well heeled who want to experience the tranquility of life among the vineyards.

With restaurants in both the Posada and at Killka, the main visitors area, there are plenty of reasons to add this august destination to your itinerary.

You can visit the winery and have lunch on a whim, but staying at the Posada requires reservations.



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