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The Pulenta Family has been making wine in Argentina since they first emigrated from Italy three generations ago. Eduardo and Hugo Pulenta’s first passion may have seem to many to be the Porsches they raced and the Ferraris they imported, but they never lost their love of wine.

As befits the scions of one of Argentina’s most beloved winemaking dynasties the young Pulenta brothers set forth to create a winery that not only capitalized on decades of experience, but looked toward the future and what has yet to be learned.

In 2002 they opened their bodega in the Alto Agrelo. Technically part of Lujan de Cuyo they are almost in sight of the Uco Valley, and much further south than the urban wineries of Lujan proper..

Having trained their winemakers in France, Pulenta Estate took the best of that technology and adapted it to the specific needs of Argentina. Cement tanks that would be at home on the most upscale of Chateaus in Bordeaux are the primary fermenters for most of the red wines, while oak uprights from Burgundy are used for the Pinot Noir. Whites are produced in modern stainless steel to preserve their freshness and color.

Small tanks are employed for experiments, a testament to the wisdom of never settling for the status quo and always seeking to find a better way. It is this modern and yet traditional approach to making wine that shows through in all of their offerings, and has made them one of the most desirable brands in Argentina.



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