Otero Ramos


Family. Nothing is more important in Argentina. When Manuel Otero Ramos decided to build a winery he had his children in mind. His children, and their spouses.

Manuel had spent a lifetime in the wine business. Beginning with the most humble of duties, he worked his way up over the decades until he had experienced every facet of the industry.

That his time straddled the two great periods in Argentine wine history, helped to shape what would someday be his own vision of the wines that should be bottled.

Once upon a time, Argentina was awash with wine, and almost all of it that would be by today’s standards, bad. Tremendous volume was produced to slake the local thirst. Little thought was given to quality, only quantity was on the minds of the wineries.

Times change, trends change. The previous generation of immigrants aged and the younger generation consumed less wine than their parents. The industry was starting to see a decline in demand.

Timing is everything, and just as the industry was wondering how to deal with the changing landscape a tremendous influence hit the shores of Argentina.

With a growing awareness of the world around them a few key winemakers realized that there was an opportunity to retool from quantity to quality.

This would not only allow the wineries to continue to profit during a cycle of reduced consumption, but it had the economic benefit of giving Argentina an export commodity.

Foreign money came in to the country. At first in the form of revenue from wine sales, but as the 1990s dawned, foreign capital followed.

So it was that Manuel Otero Ramos was in the right industry at the right time. He had already learned how to make wine and now he had the chance to ride along with the renaissance of quality wines in Argentina.

Saving every penny, raising his family, and dreaming of the day when he would put his own mark on the wine world, Manuel worked, and learned.

By the early days of the 21st century, Manuel was ready. He built his winery, he planted his vines. In time, he made and bottled his wine.

Gritos is a complex word, and a complex wine. It means to yell, but never more than at the moment of giving birth. So it was that the first wine of Otero Ramos would be their exclamation of birth, of fruition of the dream.

With a few vintages behind them, and a full line that reflects their dedication to quality wines that retain their fruit and complexity, Otero Ramos is ready to take on the world.

Manuel’s passion has not only passed to his children, but through his wine it passes to you.



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Otero Ramos
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Araoz 2750 (Ruta 60)
Mayor Drummond 5507 - (Maipu)
54 261 496 1681
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Distance from Mendoza:
17.3k / 10.8125m

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-33.0074, -68.837083

Tourism Contact Info (from website): info@oteroramos.com.ar 0261-154539090

Details from Website: Our Winery and lounge are prime venues to stage various events and lectures. Guided Tours and Professional Tastings available with reservations.








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