With geometric precision, no aspect of the winery is left to chance.

Striking is a word that comes to mind often when visiting O.Fournier. The architecture, the grounds, the food and the wine, all evoke wonder. At an hour and a half from Mendoza, O.Fournier is one of the most far afield bodegas, but worth every bit of the drive.

Your first hint of what is to come arrives as a glimpse of a flat roof just peeking over the horizon. At a distance many visitors have remarked that the building looks like the traditional mortarboard cap of graduates.

Closer inspection reveals that the structure is as practical as it is beautiful. By using careful design and planning, the winery is able to use the force of gravity at every stage of production, greatly reducing the potentially damaging effects of pumping the wine. The space is hardly wasted, as even the formidable cement columns that support the building are hollow serving as tanks for fermentation and holding the wine.

The vast barrel room gives the impression that it is waiting for production to catch up with grandeur of the room, but the empty space is all part of the appeal. Part art gallery and part repost for the aging wine, the cellar room has a cathedral stature that is somehow fitting.

Dining takes place along side a picturesque pond with expansive views through the ceiling to floor glass walls. Here you are tempted by some of the most cosmopolitan food to be found in Mendoza. The chef shares her love of food and wine with those like minded individuals willing to make the long pilgrimage for the memorable lunch.

With a little planning O.Fournier can be the jumping off spot for a full day’s tour of the Uco Valley. Come early, take the tour, enjoy a bit of lunch, and then make your way north and wind through the many vineyards and wineries on your way back to Mendoza.



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Hours: Tours from 9 - 18

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Calle Los Indios
La Consulta 5567 - (Uco)
54 262 245 1579
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Distance from Mendoza:
108k / 67.5m

GPS Decimal Coordinates:
-33.799798, -69.11934

Tourism Contact Info (from website): 54 9 261 (15) 4671021   54 2622 451 579 turismo@ofournier.com

Details from Website: The winery is open for tourists daily from 9 - 18 (including holidays)








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