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In the 1880s Italian immigrants surged into the New World bringing their traditions of food and viticulture with them. This is as true for Argentina as it is for the US. It was these immigrants that first realized the potential of Lujan de Cuyo when they planted the first vineyards and built the original buildings in 1888 at the site that would eventually come to be known as Bodega Nieto de Senetiner.

The name may be difficult for Americans to wrap their tongues around, but their wines will sooth the twisting. Well known in the US and Europe, each of the labels of Nieto de Senetiner’s wines bear the outline of the original 19th century winery which is still in use today. A proud reminder of the origins of what has grown to become on of the most important properties in Argentina.

For eighty-one years the winery was passed from family to family until the Nieto Senetiner family took control in 1969. For nearly 30 years the family kept improving on the property until in 1998 it caught the eye of one of the most important families in Argentina, the Perez Companc Family, the founders of the corporation that bears their name.

Now that Nieto de Senetiner was in the hands of one of Argentina’s few billionaires the winery underwent a modernization that allowed it to be the first to qualify for the highly respected ISO 9001 norms, which ensure the highest quality control for the wines and the most rigid adherence to customer service and employee relations.

It is with this dedication that Nieto de Senetiner shares their wide array of wines with the world. This includes their incredibly long lived Bonarda and their top of the line Cadus Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah blend, right on down to their Santa Isabel entry level line.

The famed silhouette that adorns every bottle of their wine includes the tower that symbolizes man, and the arch which represents the bridge between man and the vineyard. The truth of this can be found in every sip of Nieto de Senetiner wine.



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Nieto Senetiner
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Guardia Vieja
Vistalba 5509 - (Lujan)
54 261 498 0315
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Distance from Mendoza:
17.2k / 10.75m

GPS Decimal Coordinates:
-33.013892, -68.909868

Tourism Contact Info (from website): http://www.nietosenetiner.com.ar/en/contacto.html

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