Navarro Correas


To say that Navarro Correas is owned by a leader in the alcohol beverage industry is the all time understatement.

The list of Diageo wineries includes Chalone, Sterling, Rosenblum and they even distribute the grand Champagne house Moët & Chandon which includes Dom Pérignon.

If this was not enough, Smirnoff and Kettle One Vodkas are theirs, as is a huge list of whiskeys that includes J&B, Johnnie Walker, Crown Royal, Bushmills and a seemingly endless number of others (including 15 Single Malt Scotches).

Then there are Don Julio and José Cuervo Tequilas, Captain Morgan and Myers Rums, Baileys and Romana Sambuca Liqueurs and Guinness and Red Stripe Beers. And this is just part of their portfolio.

Chances are that if you have ever had a drink in a bar in your life, you have had a Diageo product.

Some may reflexively rail against such a large corporation, but it is important to remember how much benefit there is in having deep pockets.

Navarro Correas is a perfect example. A huge winery that makes wines of all levels, and like all of the best bodegas at this scale, takes advantage of their position to make some of the highest quality wines as well.

The winery wasn’t always part of a worldwide conglomerate, its history goes all the way back to the beginning of the 19th century and the earliest roots of wine in Mendoza.

It is with a strong sense of this tradition that Navarro Correas works tirelessly to improve the quality of their wines and to bring to the world some of the very best still and sparkling wines that Argentina can offer.

You may visit their visitors center to taste for yourself their wide range of wines. The comfortable environs allow you to relax in padded chairs while contemplating how Argentina’s sunshine, and the art of winemaking has brought forth the liquid gem in your glass.



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Navarro Correas
Contact for Hours

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San Francisco del Monte 1555
Godoy Cruz 5501 - (Lujan)
54 261 432 5521
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Distance from Mendoza:
7.4k / 4.625m

GPS Decimal Coordinates:
-32.924074, -68.81795

Tourism Contact Info (from website): consultas@ncorreas.com

Details from Website: Two tasting rooms, an exhibition hall, a wine bar and a spacious and comfortable reception complete the space at Navarro Correas.








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