Masi Tupungato


Masi Agricola of Italy is known for their appassimento techniques, making wine from dried grapes, most famously in their Amarone.

Dry grapes have a higher ratio of sugar, but the lack of water greatly reduces volume. A wonderful technique for quality, but at the cost of quantity, which necessarily drives up the price.

Attracted to the value of Argentine wines, Masi created a winery in Tupungato, in the Uco Valley. Here they could experiment with the wine making approaches they had mastered in the Veneto in Northern Italy while bringing the climate and local grapes into the mix.

It is only here that the Italian grape Corvina is grown in Argentina. It is only at Masi Tupungato that they use the time honored appassimento methods to combine Malbec and Corvina into a wine that is the best of both worlds.

The white too is a handshake across Continents with Pinot Grigio complementing the floral Torrontes of Argentina.

The size of Masi Agricola allows them the enviable position of maintaining their own research and development division.

The Masi Technical Group was able to design special fermentation vats that were built in Argentina. These stainless steel, computer controlled vats are able to stir the must, reducing the potentially dangerous need to pump over the wine to control the cap (the solids in red wine that float to the top).

This allows the winery to be run with a much smaller staff, and without the usual clutter of hoses and other implements found in most wineries.

The wines are not only made differently, the approach carries on to the labels. With a hand written design that most mistake for samples from the lab, the wines of Masi Tupungato stand out both for what is on the inside, and out.



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Masi Tupungato


Luis Pizarro
Tupungato 5561 - (Uco)
54 261 424 3400
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