Luigi Bosca


Of all the brands of Argentine wine you may be able to find in your local stores, Luigi Bosca is one of the most common, especially at the top end. This huge producer has made its name for quality as well as quantity, a combination that is especially hard to achieve.

Owned by the same family since 1901, the Arizu family has stewarded the land, the wines, and the brand for four generations.

Located along the main drag of Lujan de Cuyo, Luigi Bosca is a testament to the growing urbanization of the region. What is now only a few minutes from downtown Mendoza was once an excursion in a horse and buggy. It seems fitting then that the winemaking techniques have kept up with the times, and the wines are as modern as the winery’s settings.

Keep an eye out for their La Linda line as well. Their white Viognier and red Tempranillo may not be the grapes most people think about when they are in Argentina, but these wines are among those we are most likely to order when we are eating out.



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Luigi Bosca
Hours: Mon - Fri 9 -11, 13 - 15. Closed for Siesta

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San Martin 2044
Mayor Drummond 5507 - (Lujan)
54 11 433 12206
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Distance from Mendoza:
18.6k / 11.625m

GPS Decimal Coordinates:
-33.019747, -68.872967

Tourism Contact Info (from website): http://www.luigibosca.com.ar/visitor/reservas_on_line.php?idi=ing

Details from Website: Mon - Fri 9 -11, 13 - 15.








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