100 years ago Luyan de Cuyo was a small village covered in vines. A century later the city of Mendoza has engulfed the town and its many vineyards and wineries. One moment you are in the midst of furniture stores, fast food and car dealerships and the next you see stately wineries hiding behind gates.

Except for Lagarde. As old and venerable as any of its neighbors, Lagarde is infinitely more inviting. The immense wine vat in the front yard is dwarfed by a grand old tree that stands vigil over this modern winery with ancient roots.

Everywhere you look there are reminders of the history of the bodega. Antique wagon wheels, vines that were old when your grandparents were children, and even a cask of wine that has seen more than six decades and is still rewarding those lucky enough to be offered a sip.

The wines and the winemaking are thoroughly modern. Lagarde utilizes the latest techniques to produce wines that are light years ahead of so many of its peers. Careful blending and an appreciation for a more sophisticated flavor palette yields wines that are perfectly at home in the restaurants of Europe. Numerous awards adorn the wood paneled walls, attesting to the universality of the products produced here.

Housed in the original residence on the winery the restaurant offers a superb selection of foods to accompany the wines. In these ancient digs you will also have the opportunity to taste a number of the bodega’s best offerings.

Lagarde is prepared to welcome guests by the busload, while never skimping on the hospitality.



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Hours: Mon - Fri 11 - 4:30. Sat. & Holidays 11- 12:30pm. May be closed on Weekends and or Holidays

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San Martín 1745
Mayor Drummond 5507 - (Lujan)
54 261 498 0011
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Distance from Mendoza:
19k / 11.875m

GPS Decimal Coordinates:
-33.023107, -68.873479

Tourism Contact Info (from website): turismo@lagarde.com.ar (+54 261) 498-0011 335-6896

Details from Website: Restaurant and Visiting Hours Mon - Fri 11 - 4:30. Sat. & Holidays 11- 12:30pm. Restaurant Entre Fuegos, four course tasting menu paired with an exclusive selection of our wines.








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