La Azul


Tiny is the impression you have as you drive up to Bodega La Azul. It is hard not to look around wondering where the rest of the winery is. A single stark building, not much larger than other winery’s garages is all that is required to make some of the finest wines in Argentina.

La Azul produces just four wines, an unoaked Malbec and a Cabernet Sauvignon, and a blend of the two grapes in their lightly oaked Reserva.

Azul Gran Reserva, the flagship wine, is limited to a scant 1,000 bottles a year. One of the only ways to experience this pinnacle of high altitude wine making is to visit the winery.

Fortunately, La Azul is well located, right along the wine route that also hosts Domaine Bousquet, Andeluna, and Salentein wineries.

Their restaurant is as quaint as the winery, and makes the perfect lunch stop along the route of wines, for bit of rustic luxury and a million dollar view.

With incredibly well priced wines of the highest quality, La Azul is not to miss.



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La Azul
Hours: 9 to 5.

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Ruta 89
Tupungato 5561 - (Uco)
54 262 242 3593
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Distance from Mendoza:
90.6k / 56.625m

GPS Decimal Coordinates:
-33.468447, -69.220698

Tourism Contact Info (from website): info@bodegalaazul.com.ar 262 242 2175

Details from Website: Monday through Sunday 9 to 5 with reservations. Restaurant open for lunch only.