Finca Flichman


While the vineyards on the steep hillsides overlooking the Duoro River appear to have little in common with the windswept plains at the foot of the Andes, both are responsible for dark fruity wines. From the river valley comes the grapes that produce the sweet and long lived Oporto wines that Portugal is famous for. From the high altitude vineyards of Mendoza Malbec is coaxed to yield an inky dark dry red wine.

It is likely that the appeal of quality was a greater deciding factor than the similar color of the two main styles of wine that drew the Sogrape Group (producers of Ferreira and Offley Ports as well as the famed Portuguese wine Mateus) to Argentina.

Finca Flichman is not exactly a boutique winery producing millions of bottles, but that doesn’t stop them from the arduous task of tasting every vat of wine, just like the smaller producer do. They realize that quality comes at the cost of effort, and they are more concerned with producing quality, than taking the easy way out. The result has been to create one of the most trusted brands in Argentina and increasingly abroad.

The sprawling estate of red brink buildings looks like a traditional bodega, making this an ideal place for the visitor to get the feel of wine making in Mendoza. The tasting room is adorned with antiques once used in the production of making wine. A reminder of the traditions of the past, and the promise of the future as new techniques augment but do not supplant the ages old art of creating wine from grapes.



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