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Finca Agostino is the result of a dream, a remembrance of childhood. Born in Argentina, the Agostinos moved to Canada but never forgot the home of their Grandfather, or the wines he created. Some forty years later, in 2003 they would return and found a winery in the Barrancas region of Maipú in Mendoza..

During a time that foreign investors were setting their sites further south, with the cooler weather and more fruit forward wines, the Agostinos kept to their roots by building closer to a more traditional growing region.

The Barrancas is a river gorge in Spanish or English, and one of the characteristics of rivers are rounded stones close to the surface. In this region the stones were already in place due to glacier activity eons before, and the river thrust them to the fore and added to the aggregate.

These stones are the key to wines that are more structured than their neighboring counterparts. This makes for Malbec that is less flabby and Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon that are ideal for blending as well as showing on their own.

With three lines of wines, from lighter varietals to an eponymous blend the Agostino Family are producing wines that would have made their Grandfather proud.



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Finca Agostino
Hours: Tuesday to Saturday and Argentinean holidays by appointment. May be closed on Weekends and or Holidays

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Carril Barrancas 10591
Maipu 5517 - (Maipu)
54 261 524 9358
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Distance from Mendoza:
38.9k / 24.3125m

GPS Decimal Coordinates:
-33.102262, -68.670333

Tourism Contact Info (from website): turismo@fincaagostino.com

Details from Website: Visits to the winery are made exclusively by appointment, from Tuesday to Saturday and Argentinean holidays. Private Tours and Tasting, Blending Game,Bike Tour, Workshops. La Serafina space, named after the Agostino brother's mother, includes a restaurant, an art lounge and a corporate events hall.








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