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Large wine producers are all to often vilified for their sheer size. For some this is deserved as their wines are an afterthought to profit and mercantilism.

Familia Zuccardi is as the name suggests, a family endeavor and the family pride and care is evident in every aspect of what they do and how they present themselves.

One of the largest and best known of the Argentine giants, Familia Zuccardi has kept a zealous grip on the quality of their products. The consistency of the Santa Julia line is as remarkable as the quality of their top flight Q range.

The winery came into being almost by accident. Fifty years ago the patriarch of the Zuccardi family invented and marketed a better way to irrigate the vast area of vines of Mendoza.

Originally planting the vineyards to demonstrate the technology, and as a working showroom, the wine they produced soon began to rival their original business.

Through the generations different branches of the Zuccardi family have concentrated on

different aspects of the business. Olive oil production now accounts for a sizable part of their overall efforts, but through it all the winery continued to grow.

When quality wine making came to Argentina in the 1990s, Familia Zuccardi was ready and eager to make their mark. Recognizing the importance of research, an emphasis on experimentation became a mantra that is still repeated today.

Hosting interns from around the world breaths youthful energy and excitement into the company. With discovery as their mission these students are given the rare opportunity to express themselves in new and unusual grape varieties and wine making techniques.

The best of these experiments are bottled and sold as the Innovacion line. The grape varieties may not be recognizable, but the care and passion are impossible to miss.

The single most obvious testament to the Familia Zuccardi approach towards wine and those who love it, is their Casa de Visitante. More than just a visitor’s center, this restaurant and gathering place is a warm welcome to the wine adventurer that is unsurpassed in Argentina.

The artistry of their wine is echoed in the revolving collection of art that adorns both the Casa de Visitante and the spacious tasting room in their main facility.

An homage to the thriving local artist community, the paintings and sculptures are a feast for the soul as you enjoy the literal feast before you.

Located about 30 minute east of Mendoza, plan spending the whole or better part of a day at Zuccardi.



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Familia Zuccardi
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Ruta 33 Km 7,5
Maipu 5531 - (Maipu)
54 261 441 0000
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Distance from Mendoza:
35.2k / 22m

GPS Decimal Coordinates:
-32.968661, -68.566789

Tourism Contact Info (from website): http://www.casadelvisitante.com/reservas 54 261 4410000

Details from Website: Visitor’s Center. Restaurant offers two menu options: A traditional menu features key Argentine fare such as empanadas, a barbecue selection, salads, and grilled vegetables. The tasting menu is a gourmet option with emphasis of presenting regional and seasonal products.








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