Domaine Bousquet


I have a relationship with Domaine Bousquet, but saying that is ignoring that this is the winery that changed my life. After tasting the wines, and realizing the potential of the winery, my wife and I expatriated to Argentina to be part of it.

We watched, and were a small part of this winery as it grew, and grew, and grew. For some success is a question of good luck, for Domaine Bousquet it was a question of hard work and great wines.

The Bousquet Family can trace their roots back through four generations of winemakers from the picturesque, almost fairy tale like, city of Carcassonne, France. It was there that Domaine Bousquet’s founder, Jean Bousquet toiled away in the vineyards, knowing all the while that there may just be somewhere else in the world that he could better realize his vision. Miles and years of travel brought Jean to Argentina in 1990, and his foresight led him to the then undeveloped region of Tupungato.

It took him five more years to gather his resources and buy the perfect plot in the Uco Valley. The delay meant that he was no longer the first to plant, but he wasn’t far behind. From the outset he knew he wanted to farm organically, and with this in mind he took the first steps towards creating one of Argentina’s largest producers of wine made from organic grapes.

Daughter Anne now owns and runs the winery that bears her family’s name, and she and her husband Labid have turned the modest bodega into one of the most important players in the country. Through it all they have never lost sight of the primary goal, to make the very finest wines possible, at prices that people could afford.

My small touches on the history of the winery are subtly felt by visitors when they eat at the restaurant I named, and its kitchen I designed. They have come a long way from the days I when I cooked there and led the tours, but their passion, which brought me to Argentina, is unmistakable for all of those who come into contact with the winery or their wines..



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Domaine Bousquet
Hours: Everyday except Tue. from 10 to 6. May be closed on Weekends and or Holidays

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Ruta 89
Tupungato 5561 - (Uco)
54 262 248 0011
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Distance from Mendoza:
85.8k / 53.625m

GPS Decimal Coordinates:
-33.432635, -69.192311

Tourism Contact Info (from website): 54 9 02622 480011 54 9 261 532 0896 turismo@domainebousquet.com

Details from Website: Visits and Tastings and Restaurant Everyday except Tue. from 10 to 6. Restaurant, Gaia, offers Menu Reserve – 4 courses menu and 4 wines. Menu Grande Reserve – 6 courses menu and 6 wines. Menu Asado (Argentinian Barbecue) – 4 courses menu and 4 wines. Reservations required.








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