A gem nestled against the rocky crags of the soaring Andes Mountains is both what the name DiamAndes evokes and what it achieves.

The bodega is a sprawling complex that melds the functional with the esthetic. Computer age technology is fused with a tradition of wine making that heralds back to the ancient vineyards of Bordeaux.

Gadget lovers will be intrigued by the vertical red wine pneumatic press that is controlled by computer software written specifically for the winery.

They will revel in the bladder press for the delicate white wine grapes, which coddles the fruit in an atmosphere of nitrogen.

Those who look to craftsmanship will be delighted by the twin sorting tables, ensuring that only the very healthiest of bunches, and then only the most ideal of individual grapes, ever make their way into the vats.


Gravity replaces pumping, so that the must does not suffer ill treatment. Below the grape reception area, small specially designed vats allow the individual vineyard lots to be vinified separately. This ensure that the final blend will be a melange of characteristics that exemplify the individual terroirs that the 130 acres offer.

Barrels from the wine friendly forest of Allier in France contribute not only to flavors of aging, but even to the wine making process itself. Both red and white wines are allowed to finish in the small confines of oak that help to develop aromas and flavors that would not be possible any other way.

The majestic barrel aging room circles around the center of the complex, like a fine engagement ring with sprays of light and a fiery gem at its center.

That gem is the base of the tubular sculpture that graces the courtyard and is seen from every angle as the winery descends at last to the wine library.

With the spectacular terminus of the diamond figure looming overhead, a physical metaphor for the bottles that await their time, this lowest level room is the fitting place to taste the efforts of nature and man.

Already the owners of two Chateau in France, the Bonnie family recognized the Uco Valley as the premier growing region in Argentina.

They joined with Michel Roland and other Bordeaux winemakers to be part of a unique venture, Clos de los Siete. A group of wineries that each express their own philosophy while combining their efforts to produce a wine that is an amalgam of each..



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Hours: 9 am to 5 pm.

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Clodomiro Silva
Tunuyan 5560 - (Uco)
54 261 470 5400
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Distance from Mendoza:
90k / 56.25m

GPS Decimal Coordinates:
-33.670445, -69.217794

Tourism Contact Info (from website): 54 261 47 65 400 visitas@diamandes.com

Details from Website: Open to visitors from 9 am to 5 pm. Prior booking required. Individual or group visits (entrance fee charged). 3pm, last time for tour and tasting.








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