People the world over dream of owning vineyards and producing wine. This dream has propelled regions such as Napa Valley in the US to become renown not only for their grapes, but for their vineyard prices as well.

When Brigitte and Philippe Subra left France in the late 1990s they shared this dream. Settling in the Mendoza region they realized that this was the place where their dream could come true.

In 2003 they made it happen and opened the tiny Bodega CarinaE (that is not a typo, they spell it with the capital E at the end). The name is a reference to the E section of the Carina constellation, a nod to the astronomy career they left behind.

The winery may be new, but the vineyards are not. The Malbec comes from 85 year old vineyards and the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are from vines nearly as old. With the help of famed enologist Michel Roland they make the highest possible quality wines.

With such amenities as free WiFi and picnic grounds, the winery is popular with those on bikes and other casual tours. Didn’t remember to pack a lunch? There is a bakery just on front of the winery that can put together everything you need.



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Hours: 10am until 6pm.

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Videla Aranda 2901
Cruz de Piedra 5517 - (Maipu)
0261 524 1629
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Distance from Mendoza:
25.3k / 15.8125m

GPS Decimal Coordinates:
-33.033236, -68.769745

Tourism Contact Info (from website): carinae@carinaevinos.com 54 261 499 0470 5241629/30

Details from Website: Our guided tours are offered every day from 10am until 6pm. Tastings 3 wines - Except on Sun. and holidays. Sundays and holidays: 5 wines. CarinaE offers some food as well: Cheese plates, Salamis, Bread and Olive Oil, Biscuits.








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