Benegas is a family name that goes back to the earliest roots of wine in Mendoza. Tiburcio Benegas was a pioneer in the area back in the late 19th century, bringing vines and knowhow from Bordeaux and perhaps even more importantly, European money to improve the infrastructure of the region.

Generations of the Benegas family continued to toil in the industry creating some of the biggest names, many of which continue to this day.

Names like Norton, Trapiche, and Pulenta, all giants in the world of Mendoza wineries, are intertwined with the family Benegas.

The current Bodega Benegas is a reflection of that long family involvement in Mendoza and it serves not only as a reminder of their influence and industry but as an actual museum of wine making.

The huge expanse harkens back to a day when wine in Mendoza was made in quantity, but serves equally well for the current thrust towards quality.

Built at the turn of the 20th century by the then Governor of the Province of Mendoza the impressive edifice was built of brick and adobe to withstand the centuries.

What were once giant vats deep underground have been repurposed to store wine in ideal conditions, where it ages quietly, and gracefully.

The cavernous halls are lined with rows of barrels stretching out into the dim distance. Each containing wine that is an homage to its Bordeaux heritage. More than any other winery in the area, Benegas can trace its lineage to this most august of French wine regions.

It should come as no surprise that the wines themselves reflect their kin across the seas. Structured and rigorously defined in a time and place where opulence has overcome discipline.

These are wines for the ages, designed by and for serious wine lovers who demand hand crafted wine made from the most rigorous selection of grapes and to the most exacting of standards.



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