The natural materials of the winery make it seem as if the buildings rose out of the earth complete and ready to use. As seen from a distance the bodega complements the incredible view, rather than trying to dominate it. This is a winery that celebrates its connections to the earth. From the architecture to the wines themselves.

Wine is not the only product of this huge estate. Fruit and nuts are also grown, taking advantage of the near perfect conditions for the production of quality. In a wide basin at the northern end of the Uco Valley Atamisque is the first thing you see as you descend out of the foothills towards Tupungato. With a clear shot of the Andes in the background, the verdant fields in the fore, and the stone edifice presiding over it all.

A relative newcomer to the wine scene Atamisque is making up for lost time by learning the lessons of those that came before. Drawing on the fount of knowledge that the local wine makers have to share, Atamisque has propelled themselves into the top ranks of quality producers in a surprisingly short time.

Just beyond the front gate, in a corner of the vineyard, and a great stone’s throw from the winery, sits the charming Rincon de Atamisque restaurant. Here you can sit in the shade of the grand trees and enjoy one of Mendoza’s rarest treasures, a lunch with something other than the ubiquitous beef. Rincon specializes in fresh trout dishes, and you won’t find anything like it anywhere else.



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La Gloria 2054
San José 5561 - (Uco)
54 262 248 7066
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Distance from Mendoza:
68.4k / 42.75m

GPS Decimal Coordinates:
-33.297786, -69.148936

Tourism Contact Info (from website): 0261 15 527 5336 turismo@atamisque.com Winery reservation: jq@atamisque.com Hotel Reservation: email: turismo@atamisque.com 0261 15527 5336

Details from Website: Winery, Golf, Lodges, Trout Farm. Rincón Atamisque a fusion between “the gourmet and the local”, with an amazing variety of recipes based on trout which are fished in the Atamisque estate’s very own trout farm. The Atamisque Lodges have been created to enjoy the pleasures of rural Mendozian life:








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