Alta Vista


AltaVista was one of the leading proponents for vineyard designation for the wines of Argentina. They recognized the importance of identifying the place where the wine was made, and then communicating that to the consumer.

This forward looking attitude is just as prevalent in everything that Alta Vista offers. The clean modern lines of the tasting room are inviting and professional, a complement to the perfectly maintained 100 year old building that houses the winery.

The modernity isn’t limited to the premisses, the wines too blend the tradition of 200 years of Mendoza winemaking with the latest approaches and styles. Most International wine lovers will be charmed by the clean, well made wines..

The attention to detail in the winemaking process may best be exemplified by the twin sorting tables that grace the reception area for the grapes. Here the just harvested fruit is spread out before a group of skilled workers who sort through by hand, ensuring only the ripest and most sound grapes find their way into the wines..

The wines of Alta Vista cover a large range from their varietal Classic and Premium lines to the vineyard designate Malbecs and their signature Cabernet / Malbec blend, Alto.



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Alta Vista
Hours: 9 to 18.

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Alzaga 3972
Chacras de Coria 5507 - (Lujan)
54 261 496 4684
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Distance from Mendoza:
18k / 11.25m

GPS Decimal Coordinates:
-33.001479, -68.873581

Tourism Contact Info (from website): tourism@altavistawines.com

Details from Website: Visiting Hours Monday to Monday from 9 to 18.








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